Recapturing Your Happiest Moments

When I was a little girl and crying, my dad would scoop me up, snuggle me, and attempt to collect my tears in a jar, telling me that those tears were precious to him. Now that I'm a parent, I understand what he meant. Childhood is fleeting.

Gray day_sketch.JPG

Most recently, I was looking at my daughter who is turning 13 in a few days. She was deeply absorbed with whatever was on her phone. I remembered only 5 years ago when she wanted me to get off my phone and play with her. A pang of regret shot through me. I wished for that moment when she was more into spending time with me than spending time on her phone.

Now, I’m still not perfect when it comes to being completely present with my family. Sometimes I look a little too long at Instagram, or I text people while my husband is talking to me about the lawn or politics. But, for the most part, I attempt to stop, put the phone down, and pay attention to the people I love most in the world. I haven’t yet collected the tears of any crying children, but I can fully appreciate my dad’s approach to capturing my fleeting childhood.

My mission is to help families uncover the wonderful, connected moments they've shared; to elevate them to a place where they can feel that happiness and joy over and over! It would be my pleasure to create a painting inspired by your precious moments.

Look through your photos and find th moments you want to recapture. Then, contact me.