The Common Mistake Husbands are Making and How to Avoid it

Marty, my friend and collector, recently confessed to me that for thirty-three of his wife’s birthdays, he has usually thrown together gifts at the last minute. He said lots of guys opt to get their sweeties one of the standard gifts: e.g., flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or even something that benefits him (a grill, a book, hip waders, etc.). He humbly admitted that he doesn’t always do the best job of buying gifts for Julie because she is usually in charge of buying the gifts for all other gift-giving occasions. According to him, many men have this problem. Often a guy just doesn’t know what to get for his wife when it comes time to show her he loves her.

Does this sound familiar?

How to Avoid Giving Disappointing Gifts

Marty saw a watercolor commission that I had done for our mutual friend. The painting was of the friend’s four kids at the lake. Marty figured that this would be the year that he didn’t just phone in his gift for Julie. This is what he had to say:

Marty relates how he realized that a customized watercolor of their four kids would be the perfect gift for his wife, Julie.

The Process

I helped Marty select the right photo with all four of their children. Then, I asked him about each of their personalities, so I could really understand them as I painted them. When the watercolor was finished, I made sure that it was framed in time for him to present to his wife on her birthday. She loved it.

You want to do something really special for your wife that she will absolutely cherish and love? Here’s your chance to do something that, not only will she absolutely love, but she’ll absolutely love you for being thoughtful and taking the time to give it to her.
— Marty N., Utah

The Happy Result: A Much Better, Impossible-to-Forget Gift

The painting was a big hit for his wife! She loved it! He said he was able to “really fill her emotional bank account.” How did this painting make him feel?

Marty describes his initial reaction in seeing the painting he commissioned for his wife's birthday gift.

Avoid giving your wife a disappointing gift and take a cue from Marty. If you have at least four weeks before her big day, you have time to get her a custom watercolor. I will walk you through selecting an image, then I will create a painting for her that she will love. I’ll even get it framed for you! Click below to talk to me about your special gift.