Sugar and Salt: Teenage Girls

You know the nursery rhyme “sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of, made of”? I’ve been through raising girls enough to know that the sugar of the younger years often gets outweighed by the salt of the teen years. Salt is a spice, right? When my girls are teenagers, they are still lovely girls in the discovery and the midst of juggling their balance between being sweet and being salty.

So, how do  raise our girls to be kind, gentle, loving, compassionate, and generous even while going through the challenging growth years of teenhood?

Time. Quality time is one of the best ways to show our kids we love them. That time together seems to dwindle as they get older, but it’s even more vital.

This watercolor I recently completed of a mother and her daughter show so much love and support. The mom pictured here told me that the time she spends with her daughter while she is playing the harp is their special time. I love how much this mom dotes on her daughter and silently shows her how much she believes in and loves her. This piece reminds me that no matter their age, whether they are sweet or salty, they need us there, present and focusing our loving attention on them.

What is it like for you to love your teenager? If you’re not there yet, what are your thoughts on how to love them as they grow? If you’ve already been there, what insights do you have about loving these children as they grow? I’d love to hear from you — post a comment below!


Harp Garden ©Pam Baumeister, 2018.jpg