Play a Game!

Is there a moment you wish you could relive? Tell me about it.

Is there a moment you wish you could relive? Tell me about it.

“You know I’m not always gonna want to play with you,” my youngest called from her room one Saturday. That stopped me mid bill pay. She’s right...and she’s heard me talk enough about the fact that her older sisters all grew up so fast.

“Can we play Ghost in the Graveyard?” she asks for the millionth time this week. It’s cold and dark already and I honestly just want to snuggle up with her and a good book. She asks for games almost every night.

According to a study done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor in 2016, as our kids get older we play with them less and less. In fact, the time we spend playing with them decreases from almost an hour to between five and 18 minutes. The time we spend reading with them is even lower.

I say we fight back. Our children are only in our home for a short time. They look to us for their values, their self worth, their view of the world, and most of all their feeling of love and security. We need to put the time we spend with them higher up on our priority list.

Last night, my husband and I took 20 minutes and played hide-and-seek with our youngest. She found the best hiding place of all... under the bathroom sink! Best of all, she was so happy when she went to bed afterwards. I thought, I need to do this more.

What kinds of games do you play with your kids that get you laughing and enjoying time together?